30 oktober 2015

rno-r119.Roz - Huido

wtf? you're back?....again?
yep, its halloween, back from the grave :P


This is an acid track that I actually recorded live on one take. Hardware used: Roland Aira TB-3, TR-8 and System-1. The first bassline is a Doepfer modular system running some basic waveform thru a A-101-2 LPG Low Pass Gate in filter mode.


07 desember 2011

rno-r118.Roz - Jailbreak

Thank god Roz is back on rno to warm up things in the winter coldness.
Fresh progressive house track with some neat melodies and transitions on its build-up to take off.

cover by tFt
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10 juni 2011

rno-r117.SystemPi - Mastertune

As promised, System-Pi is back with another track.
Get good old vibes when I hear this track. Back to basics.
The track gradually builds up into a frenzy of acid,heavy beats and atmospheric strings.

cover by sgeezus.deviantart.com
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21 mai 2011

12 januar 2011

rno-r115.SystemPi - Ich Höre Nichts

We are proud to have System-Pi back on rno records.
Great elektronik track with several sections all binding together to a final result of diggin nice music.

Check out his other releases on RNO. rno-r106, 98, 93, 89 and No.54(That time under the name Earthstar)
He will return atleast twice more this year. So stay tuned.

cover by sgeezus.deviantart.com
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04 desember 2010


Good ol'Roz returns with some good ol'house.
Pump up your cold winter body temp with this hard hitting house track and get those x-mas parties started.

cover by tFt
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30 september 2010

rno-r113.Xni - kites

A nice progressive electro pop track with all its right elements to keep it interesting all the way thru its 4 minutes.
Note, this is the 4min BP Edit. Might be a full version out some day ;)

cover by x-dynamics.de
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